General Director - Ramaz Devdariani

Executed Director - Giorgi Meliqidze

Deputy General Director - Gaga Ghvania

Deputy Gen. Director in Tech. Quest. - Zurab Lomineishvili

Finance Department - David Tskhomelidze

Security Service - Zviad Murmanishvili

Internal Audit - Giorgi Gagnidze

Development Officer - Nodar Abashidze

HR Department - Mariam Begheluri

Office Manager - Salome Abuladze

At our point of view – stable security means permanent control and management s intensive participation in all secure processes of company, because peaceful safety is not associated only with the security guard standing near object. For us the effective security means the exact measurement and right management of current situation. Each of our personnel knows when and how act/react exactly in the time to achieve complete and general safety of you and your property.

We check the objects, study the possible problems, plan correctly and give our clients reliable guarantees . . .