About Company

Security Company "ALGANI" for already 12 years has been successfully conducting activity in the sphere of the security provision. During this time we acquired and continue cooperation with the leading Georgian companies and natural persons.

We are ready to render assistance personally to you and in provision of your property security, achievement of the set goals by means proved by time and synthesis of highly professional specialists' team and corresponding technique. That is exactly the formula by which we achieve success and are ready to share it with you.

We are the Company of the rich experience as in property security sphere so in provision of personal or family security that is proved by successfully fulfilled security provision tasks with more than one thousand customers during the last 6 years.

Security Company "ALGANI" is the firm mastering necessary knowledge and experience for prevention and avoiding  possible dangerous events as concerns as natural persons so companies.

"ALGANI" achieves this success by high standards during selection of employees as for securing so for administering; also by use of the newest technological basis.


Security Company "ALGANI" was established in 2004. In the securing sphere entire team of "ALGANI" acquired rich experience, has participated in many important events successful execution of which brought to the Company name of safe partner. From year to year "ALGANI" was refining its name...Acquiring knowledge, experience, developing its technological basis, staffing with professionals, maintaining and improving quality of service. The Company on its way of development repeatedly took part in various charity events. For several years it has been gratis securing Galaktion Tabidze's house-museum and other important monuments, has deserved several notes of thanks from the Municipality. "ALGANI" LTD for 10 years has been closely cooperating with insurance companies where we maximally insure as your risks so our employees' health. Exactly such policy conditioned our customers' complete reliability and security from any possible problem...

Work of the Company is distinguished by high-quality service, modern high-tech security systems, professional staff and use of modern management principles.

"ALGANI" LTD during its work more than once has rendered financial assistance to construction of St. George Church. For already 2 years together with monthly donations we finance academic classes under the Church.


Stipulating all standards and requirements established by the Georgian legislation on 1 March 2009 "ALGANI" LTD became licensed (#000021) security service with state registration #202246097, having once more proved its reliability.